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Senior Software Developer

St. Louis, Missouri

Senior Software Developer(s) to design custom software solutions based on client requirements. This position will have a lead role in the development and enhancements of a large data management system. This will be an ongoing effort to replace and support the data management system as needs change by utilizing written Visual Basic with Java services and an Angular user interface. Individuals will apply advanced theoretical knowledge of computer science principles and concepts to perform the duties of the position. Job responsibilities and duties include:

1. Analyze and develop complex solutions based on this customer’s needs.
2. Develop technical documentation.
3. Design screen layouts for high productivity.
4. Develop data management system user interface Angular, Ricola and JavaScript (including JSP, XML, HTML, and associated technologies) in an n-tier development environment.
5. Use GIT and SVN version control systems for code management.
6. Develop controls that call Rest based services to access back-end functionality.
7. Attend daily scrums.
8. Implement automated and manual code review and testing using state of the art quality control and testing processes.

This position has no direct reports and does not supervise the work of any other employees.

Minimum Requirements:
Master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Software or Computer Engineering, or any related IT or Engineering field of study plus at least two (2) years of experience in the job offered or in any related position(s) in which the required experience was gained.

Qualified applicants must also have demonstrable proficiency, skill, experience, and knowledge with the following:

1. Demonstrated knowledge in object-oriented application development principles, theories, and concepts.
2. Development experience in Angular, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS, and associated technologies.
3. N-tier development environment.
4. Demonstrated experience working with end users to resolve business and technical issues with software.
5. Demonstrated experience analyzing complex business problems and translating to user interface designs.
6. Experience interfacing with REST & Web Services
7. Node.js or React.js

The Timberline Group
Phone: 636-209-5537
623 Missouri Ave #104, Sullivan, Mo 63080
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