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Front End Developer - Angular

St. Louis, MO
The Front End Developer will help build and scale a combination of self-service tools and customer-facing services, rapid UI experimentation and analytics UI interfaces.  This position will be responsible for building products, supporting experiences and services, delivering in a fast, agile, and reliable manner with high quality and low technical debt. The ideal candidate should be passionate about building, improving, and championing their work.
Key Duties and Responsibilities
  • Support daily operations of the call center and ensuring the daily health of the Guardian Angel suite of applications
  • Responsible for routine maintenance as needed
  • Assist in new development related to the expansion of the scope and behavior of the applications
  • Prepares functional specifications from which programs will be written; and then designs; codes; tests; debugs and documents programs
  • Participates in the technical design; development; testing; implementation and maintenance of website enhancements
  • Conducts systems tests; monitors test results; and takes appropriate corrective action 
  • May prepare technical user guides as needed
  • Other projects or responsibilities as assigned
Position Qualifications
State the minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job. These are the qualifications that are necessary for someone to be considered for the position.

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field preferred (or 4+ additional years work experience)

  • 3+ years relevant professional development experience
  • Must be proficient in Angular 1.5.0 with a minimum of 2 years’ experience
  • Experience in developing front-end software with Angular 2.0+ experience preferred
  • Experience in developing rich applications with CSS, must be able to work with CSS3 proficiently
  • Some design skills necessary, ability to create images, icons, banners, headers and screen layout as needed

  • KendoUI experience preferred
  • Experience with encoding/decoding JSON objects/strings
  • Familiar with consuming web services via Angular
  • Intermediate level of experience with JavaScript as a whole
  • Knowledge of Map Box preferred
  • Strong customer focus, ownership, urgency and drive
  • Ability to convert a design document into a working user interface with no loss in fidelity
  • Creative and effective problems solving skills
  • Handle multiple priorities which are constantly changing
  • Deal with stressful, rapidly changing situations
  • Ability to work in a team and communicate effectively from a remote location
The Timberline Group
Phone: 636-209-5537
623 Missouri Ave #104, Sullivan, Mo 63080
"Delivering quality solutions through quality people"

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